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Nene Glam

Crafted with Premium Ingredients

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Nene Glam

Long-lasting Fragrances

Elegant andSophisticated Design

Nene Glam

Nene Glam

Discover Fragrances Like Never Before

Embark on a transcendent olfactory journey with Nene Glam by Fragrances by Kings – a unisex masterpiece that effortlessly blends the sophistication of sweet almond and mandarin top notes. As the heart unfolds, caramel, cedarwood, and coconut create a symphony of warmth, embracing both men and women in an enchanting dance of allure. Finally, the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla leave an indelible mark, a testament to enduring elegance. Discover a fragrance that transcends gender, inviting everyone to experience the harmonious union of opulence and bliss. Nene Glam - where luxury knows no bounds.

Customer Reviews

Exceptionally enchanting! Nene Glam by Fragrances by Kings is truly a work of art. The fusion of Dubai's opulence with global inspirations creates a sensory masterpiece. Eagerly anticipating the exploration of more scents from this worldly collection!

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